Volunteer with us

Myerstown First Aid Unit is the largest  volunteer  EMS  organization  operating  in  Lebanon  County,  Pennsylvania.  We  aim  to  provide  excellent  service  and  care  to  the  residents  and  visitors  of  Myerstown  Borough,  Jackson  Township,  and  the  surrounding  areas.  With  such  high  goals  in  mind,  MFAU  is  always  looking  for  active  volunteers  to  be  a  part  of  our  organization.  Members  must  be  a  current  certified  prehospital  provider  with a  current CPR  certification.  Our  company  is  licensed  up  to  the  IALS  (Intermediate  Advanced  Life  Support)  level,  so  we  accept  any  level  of  certification  (so  long  as  those  certified  at  the  Paramedic  level  or  higher  are  willing  to  operate  at  the  AEMT  level  or  lower).  Scroll  to  the  bottom  of  this  page  to  download  an  application  and  start  volunteering  today!

MFAU  strives  to  be  as  dedicated  to  its  members  as  it  is  to  its  community. Members  are  provided  with  quality  equipment  and  incredible  opportunities  to  train,  attend  conferences,  and  advance  in  their  skills  overall  so  that  the  best  possible  care  can  be  provided  for  our  community.  

Membership process

1. Application/Interview

EMS providers of any certification level are encouraged to fill out an application and drop it off at our location! These providers will then undergo an interview and acceptance process. 

2. Acceptance & Probation

Once interviewed, new members will be announced at the monthly business meeting and will begin their six month probationary period during which they should acquaint themselves with the station, apparatus, and equipment.

3. Full Membership

Once the initial probationary period is completed, the member can be voted in as a full member or for their probationary period to be extended. Once a full member, voting privileges are granted.

4. Crew Chief Status

During their volunteer time, new members should attempt to serve time with as many different providers as possible. These providers will report the competence of the new member to the line officers who will determine the member's eligibility to be a crew chief and earn additional benefits. 

5. Driver Status

Members who are twenty-one years of age or older and hold a current EMSVO certification are eligible to drive MFAU's apparatus. Interested providers will enter the Driver Training Program (at the discretion of the line officers) and will be cleared to drive upon completion. 

More Information

If you are not currently certified as an EMS provider and are interested, visit to learn more about EMT training programs in our area.

If you have any questions or would like more information, you can use the contact form on the home page or contact Riley Kilheffer at

 (717) 644-1650.